About Wooden Art Factory

About Wooden Art

The factory employee has 20 years of experience in the manufacture of wood of all kinds (such as doors, cupboards, furniture, wall cladding) and everything related to timber manufacturer.

The factory depends primarily on the machines is very modern high-tech, which saves the customer the quality and speed of implementation required, the use of units of modern connectivity also in Furniture.

The fabrication and installation team on our factory has highly efficient and friendly enough experience to end work on time and the quality required.

The factory is specialized in the manufacture of all wooden doors by design and specifications required, and all materials used in manufacturing are tested before the start of industrialization.

And the desire of us to serve the client in the form required, we give a certification or guarantee against manufacturing defects.


Our Mission

We always strive for excellence in our work by providing qualified workers with experience, provide the necessary and modern equipments, provide hight quality materials and strictly to work and appointments to gain the trust of the client.

Our Vision

Providing our services with skitful art touches with quality standards and by using the best international products.
And achieve prosperity and creative design in all the projects.

Our Goals

Become the best in wooden decoration field in Saudi Arabia.
Identify the needs and rquirments of customers and their desires, and strive to rise to the level of their aspirations.